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Our Rotary Foundation Grants

Did you know that our Rotary Foundation is recognized as one of the most effective and well-managed charitable organizations in the world, with 12 consecutive four-star ratings from Charity Navigator and an A-plus rating from CharityWatch? Much of what we do, we accomplish with the support of grants from our Rotary Foundation.  Our Rotary Foundation is funded by Rotarians and non Rotarians alike. We have been a major driver in: increasing child and adult literacy; providing sanitation and clean water; supporting our environment; disease prevention; economic development; supporting maternal and child health; and peace.  These are the seven areas of focus for Rotary World Wide.

Go Bags for Family Life Center

The Family Life Center provides temporary refuge to any adult and accompanying minor escaping domestic violence. The foundation grant allowed us to provide bags with essential items to over 100 victims of Domestic violence.

Sun Protection for Farm Workers

With the assistance of the Farm Workers Association, this grant provided straw sun hats for the Fern workers. They are intended to help prevent sun exposure to lessen the risk of skin cancer and heat stroke.

Safe Trak Program

The Flagler Beach Police Department has partnered with the Flagler County Sheriffs Office to provide tracking bracelets for adults with dementia who wonder off to assist with recovering them. The Grant provided 10 bracelets.

Bike Helmets

The Flagler Beach Police Department provides bike helmets for kids at the skateboard park at Wadsworth park. With the help of a foundation grant, our club helped by providing 50 helmets.

Well in Africa

With the help of a Global grant, our club partnered with other clubs to provide wells in Africa for clean drinking water

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